Longrifle by James McCamant, Wellsburg West Virginia

























Longrifle Signed by James McCamant

Wellsburg, Brooke County, West Virginia

Maple, iron, steel, brass

Circa 1835

Length: 57″



James McCamant (b. 1777)  sired a generation of gunsmiths, first in Wellsburg West Virginia and then Perry County Ohio. In 1807 McCamant was in Wellsburg operating a brass foundry and making guns. He was a contractor for the Virginia Militia between 1811 and 1813, manufacturing muskets. He developed a trade with the burgeoning western states, shipping guns via the Ohio River to St. Louis and New Orleans until he moved to Ohio in about 1838.  His son, John McCamant (1807-1869) married into one of Wellsburg’s finest families and continued his father’s business there. Another son, Jacob was born in 1824 and grew up in the gunsmithing business and established his own shop in Ohio. A third son, Samuel (1820-1896) was also a gunsmith in Ohio.





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