New Jersey Linen Press

New Jersey Gumwood Circa 1780 H: ; W:;D:;   A classic Chippendale New Jersey gumwood press with dentil molded cornice, chamfered corners on the upper case and arched paneled doors.   $8,500

Early Virginia Serving Table

                    Cross Stretcher Serving Table Valley of Virginia Poplar, mixed hardwoods Circa 1790 H: 34”; W: 38”; D: 23” Early table with remnants of original red wash.   $2,900

Small Sideboard from the Ohio River Valley

                    Ohio River Valley, probably Kentucky Circa 1800 Cherry, poplar H: 39”; W: 43.5”; D: 20” Simple and elegant neoclassical form from the Ohio River Valley, likely Kentucky but possibly Ohio. Nice mellowed cherry wood. $5,900

Hanging Corner Cupboard

                                                                                                Hanging Corner Cupboard Southside Virginia, probably Halifax […]

Demilune Mixing Table

                    Possibly Virginia Circa 1800 Yellow pine H; 34.5″; W: 38.5″; D: 19.5″   $1,450

Buckwalter Family Chest of Drawers, Winchester VA

                                              Chest of Drawers on Frame Probably Winchester, VA Walnut; yellow pine and poplar Descended in the Chester Buckwalter Family of Frederick County, Virginia Circa 1810 H: 37”; D: 21”; W: 41”   […]

Drop Leaf Table, Easton MD, circa 1800

                                        Drop Leaf Table Circa 1800 Walnut with Yellow Pine and Oak Secondary Woods Maryland, Probably Easton 42” Wide   28” Tall    Depth: 18 3/4” closed; 52” open   This small drop leaf table might be […]

Diminutive Chest of Drawers, East Tennessee, circa 1800-1815

Cherry, yellow pine, lightwood inlay East Tennessee, possibly Washington County Circa 1800-1815 H: 28″; W: 26.5″; D: 14.5″ A four drawer chest of drawers in richly colored cherry in a wonderful diminutive size.  The proportions, the almost flush top board, the shape of the straight feet with a slight inside curve, the spurs on the […]