Paintings & Drawings

Portrait of Benedict J. Heard

Oil on Board

Bass Otis (1784- 1861)

Baltimore, Maryland


14″ x 16″ Overall

The life of an American artist in the first half of the nineteenth century was almost without exception a life of considerable travel it not complete itinerancy. This was certainly the case (…)

Miss Hinchliffe

Daughter of the Bishop of Peterborough
By Miss Peat
London, C. 1796

Portrait of Dennis Johnston

Oil on canvas ~circa 1840
Attributed to James Alexander Simpson
Georgetown, District of Columbia

Pipe, Pouch and Matche

Oil on Canvas
8″ X 6″
Walter Douglas (1868 – ?)
circa 1895

Portrait of a Brother and Sister by Horace Bundy

By Horace Bundy (1814 – 1883)
Oil on Canvas 25” X 31 ½”