Frakturs Titles – Dublin, London, Martyr
Watercolor on paper
unknown artist
19th century
~ 14.5″ x 10.5″ overall

These three frakturs were probably from a songbook(s) that graphically depicted simplified melodic notations for three popular tunes.  The 4 note system of notation allowed sight reading by individuals with only rudimentary formal  musical training.  While my knowledge of music is virtually non-existant, according to the web the system is known today as FA SO LA or Shap note – “Shape-note singing is community music that takes its name from the four shaped notes patented in Philadelphia in 1798: Fa, Sol, La, and Mi. This living singing tradition is unlike any other form of American sacred music both in its vibrant sound and in its distinctive singing practice.”

Offered individually or as a group.

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