Virginiae Partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumqus regionum Nova Descriptio
Jan Jansson (or Johann Janszoon) (1588-1664)
Copperplate engraving
19.75” x 24” overall

Published by Jansson in his Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde is another example of the duplication of each other’s works by competing Amsterdam map makers.  Both maps were among the earliest to draw upon information derived from John Smith’s exploration of the Chesapeake Bay and are the first to include Newport News founded in 1621. This map is so similar to the Bleau map of the prior year that they are often but mistakenly thought to be identical.  The major difference being that the parallel lines on the right border of the Jansson map are blacked out beside the numerals, the opposite being the case on the Bleau version.

Burden 254, Cumming 42.

State one with Latin text on the verso. Period hand color.

Fine condition


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