Silver Bowl

Touch Mark of Adam Lynn (1775-1835)

Alexandria, Virginia

Circa 1800

3 ¾” tall 5 ½” diameter

The first recorded example of Adam Lynn’s work as an engraver or silversmith is his signature on a musical diagram signed “A Lynn Sculp” that appeared in a 1793 publication Columbian Harmony. Lynn would have been 18 years old at the time and most likely an apprentice silversmith Edward Sanford known locally for his engraving.  His first advertisement as an independent silversmith appeared June 17, 1795 when he announced his partnership with Josiah Coryton in the clock, watchmaking, and silversmith business.

Lynn’s father, also Adam (d. 1786)  had been an Alexandria resident since 1762 and was a successful merchant and businessman who left each of  his children property as inheritance.

Condition:  Period engraved initials. Excellent overall condition.













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