Bust of George Washington

PP Caproni & Brother After Jean Antoine Houdon

Plaster Sculpture

Boston, circa 1898

28 ¾” tall, 20” wide, 12” deep

Houdon’s classical depiction of George Washington as a Roman is among the best known busts of the first president.   It was taken from a life mask made by Houdon in 1785 for his full length marble statue that resides in the Virginia State Capitol. A smaller likeness was made my Houdon while still in the United States and presented to Washington.

This version of Houdon’s famous bust was produced by PP Caproni & Brother of Boston founded by Pietro Paulo Caproni (1862-1928) and his brother, Emilio (dates unknown).  The Caproni studios were known for their plaster reproductions of classical statues which were used in public buildings across the United States.  The business was extremely successful and over the course of the Caproni’s tenure, from 1892 to approximately 1915, their business expanded to include three buildings on Washington Street.

Bust of George Washington after HoudonCaproni casts can be identified by a metal hallmark imbedded on the base of the cast. The earlier casts, including this example, have brass hallmarks but were later made of aluminum.

Pietro Paulo Caproni (1862-1928)

Condition:  Gray Wash, Minor Chips, Overall excellent condition.

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