Liverpool, England
Earthenware with lead glaze with applied transfer prints
Dated 1802
10” diameter

Surrounding the eagle on this creamware plate are the words from Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address delivered March 4, 1801: “Peace, Commerce and honest Friendship with all Nations.  Entangling alliances with none.”

In 1807 Jefferson’s inaugural promise was broken when Congress approved an embargo, sponsored by Jefferson, prohibiting ships from trading with Europe and banned importation of manufactured goods from Britain. A more severe Act in 1808 banned the export of all goods.  The Embargo Acts resulted in severe financial and maritime losses for Americans from which many citizens, particularly in the New England seaport communities, never recovered.

The eagle surrounded by the Jefferson quote is one of the rarer products of the Liverpool potteries. The six vignettes of birds on the plate’s rims were used more commonly on other Liverpool plates in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Condition: One chip on the rim below and to the right of the eagle; normal kiln marks. There are three labels on the back relating to collections.


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