Portrait of a Shorthorn Bull


Oil on Canvas

10” x 12”


Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait (1819-1905)

Signed and dated on verso A.F. Tait, 1884

/ 600 Broadway, New York

An engaging portrait of the short horn bull, a breed originally imported to America from England in 1783. When first brought to Virginia, the cattle were called Durham. It was the first improved breed to be imported here and the quality of meat and milk from the short horn made it in great demand. Shorthorn’s influence spread rapidly across America.

Arthur Tait became America’s first important sporting artist. Born in Liverpool England, he came to America in 1850. Although he settled in New York City, Tait spent much of his time in the Adirondack Mountains painting landscapes, wildlife, and sportsmen. His specialty, however, was medium-sized, moderately priced animal paintings such as this which made his extremely successful during his lifetime.







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