Printed broadside
12″ x 19″
Circa 1840-45

John Hartwell Cocke II (1780-1866) was the son of Colonel John Hartwell Cocke, a prominent Virginia planter. The junior Cocke became a brigadier general of the Virginia militia during the War of 1812 and settled with his family along the James River in Fluvanna County. There he built the Bremo Plantation, where he indulged his passion for breeding fine saddle horses, using stallions such as Cleveland.

Cleveland, By the late Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin’s Cleveland, selected as a Brood Horse with great care from that celebrated race of Coach Horses and Roadsters in England, long known under the term Cleveland Bays, and so fully descanted upon in all the treatises on the Breeds of England.” Text goes on to announce that Cleveland will stand at Bremo Plantation in Fluvanna County, available for breeding at the price of “Five Dollars, if paid within the Season, or Six Dollars afterwards; Ten Dollars insurance; and Twenty-five Cents to the Groom.” Broadside undersigned in print, “William Ancel, / Agent for John H. Cocke.


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