Antique Walnut Chest of Drawers










Walnut, poplar

H: 42.75″; W: 38” case (42” overall); D: 20”

Circa 1770

Chests of drawers like this one, with two over three graduated drawer configurations were among the staples of cabinet shops in the middle colonies.  The vertical emphasis and the  relatively tall ogee bracket feet can be found on chests from Virginia and Maryland in the upper regions of the Potomac River Valley and the rather provincial nature of the notched corners of the molded top suggest a rural rather than urban cabinet shop.  Similarly, the full dustboards and the “neat” cabinetwork reflect predominately English cabinetmaking traditions. In combination, the characteristics reflected in this chest point to an attribution to the western regions of Maryland, possibly the Frederick area. 

A particularly appealing feature of this chest is the cabinetmakers use of carefully selected graining pattern for the drawer fronts. The fluted corner columns are carved with a square profile often found in the region. The chest appears to retain its original bail and rosette brasses and escutcheons.  





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