School of Alvan Fisher (1792-1863)
Oil on board
Circa 1820
29.25″ x 41.75″

Alvan Fisher made the decision to become an artist at an early age and became an understudy to John Ritto Penniman (c. 1782-1863).  In his studio Fisher mastered a wide range of commercial and decorative techniques which he later acknowledged fostered a “mechanical, ornamental touch which required years to shake off.”  Fisher quickly established his own Boston studio and by 1814 had embarked on a career which took him far beyond Penniman or the constraints of portraiture.   He is now considered to be one of the trailblazing artists who made landscape and genre paintings forms which dominated the 19th century market  acceptable and popular in America.

There is a Vose Galleries label on the reverse, attributing this painting to Fisher.

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