Peaches by Conrad Wise Chapman

                                                                  Conrad Wise Chapman (1842-1910) Oil on paper Circa 1865-1871 8.5″ x 11.5″ The son of the artist John Gadsby Chapman, Conrad Wise […]


Portrait of Mark Twain

                                                          By Paul Sawyier (1865- 1917) Pastel on Canvas – Original Frame Circa 1900 New York or Hartford There were remarkably few portraits painted of Mark Twain […]


Mill Scene by William E. Plimpton

                        signed: Wm E. Plimpton, 1898 for William Edwin Plimpton (1856- before 1910) Active 1882-1900 Oil on canvas 28″ x 24″ William Edwin Plimpton was born in New York and lived primarily in Brooklyn with his wife, Emma C. Plimpton and two sons.  This […]


Pair of Portraits by Kentucky Artist Richard Crump

Pair of Portraits Possibly Richard and Rebecca Crump By Richard Crump (1805?- 185?) Louisville, Kentucky Oil on Canvas 1838/1839   Signed on Verso: Woman –  “Richd Crump 1839” Man  –  “Painted by Richd Crump 1838”          These are the only recorded signed portraits by Crump that we have been able to locate. The man holds […]


Portrait of a Member of the Simpson Family

                                                Portrait of a Gentleman of the Simpson Family Silverpoint on Card David Boudon (1748-c.1816) Alexandria, District of Columbia 1806 2 ¼” diameter Inscribed on verso “Done by/ David Boudon Limner/ of […]

Simpson miniature

Racehorse with Groom

                                                Signed E. Clarkson Phila 1859 for Edward Clarkson (American, 1827-1908) Oil on canvas, period birds-eye maple frame 19.25” x 21” Edward S. Clarkson was a mid-19th century Philadelphia animal portrait painter, […]

Racehorse with Groom by Edward Clarkson

Portrait of Benedict J. Heard

Oil on Board

Bass Otis (1784- 1861)

Baltimore, Maryland


14″ x 16″ Overall

The life of an American artist in the first half of the nineteenth century was almost without exception a life of considerable travel it not complete itinerancy. This was certainly the case (…)

Portrait of Benedict J. Heard of Maryland